Happy Birthday Frank

Sinatra would have turned 100 today. The past few weeks have been filled with the television shows, radio specials and parties to celebrate the birth of The Voice.

Sinatra-ticket-Copps-Oct-1993The last time I saw Frank was in 1993 at Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum for a charity benefit. Frank’s voice had the wonderful gravelly form that it took on in his later years and he put on a masterful show, teasing the audience and reaching notes that sent shivers down your spine. The orchestra was conducted by Frank Jr. and a 78 year old Frank Sr. put on a great show – but towards the end of it he forgot some words. He had a teleprompter, of course, but he stumbled a bit. He’d toured all year, in Europe and America. He was slowing down and a little over a year later he retired from live performances altogether.
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Prove me wrong kids, prove me wrong…

“Oh come on Edna: We both know these kids have no future!

Prove me wrong, kids. Prove me wrong.”
Principal Skinner, The Simpsons, Episode 124

I HAVE A PREDICTION. Unfortunately it’s not a wild one, it’s far too easy: In spite of all the hand wringing, the pleas, the cries for something to be done about guns in the U.S.A. after the shooting at Newton, Connecticut nothing will be done.
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Welcome Back

Several years ago I started this here blog thingy. I wanted the luxury of having my blatherings and whatnots posted to the web like so many others. Then I gave it up when life got in the way.

Well, I’m back.

Much of what you’ll find here is old for now. I also moved over a post from another blog of mine that I’m folding into this one. I hope to keep up-to-date again.

There have also been design changes, so many of the older posts wont look exactly right. I’m working on fixing them over time.